Podcast 160 5/18/15 – BiCampeoes

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In this weeks’ podcast…

We welcome back Patrick Hendrick to talk about his experience at the Marques, but before that, we talk about Benfica’s game at Guimaraes. Benfica could have put the away the game in the first half, but it was Porto’s tie that ended up giving us the championship, as we also tied in Guimares. We discuss the post game event with the police, and celebrations at the Marques.

In our second segment we talk about Benfica’s new endorsement with Emirates Airlines, who will be the main sponsor on our jerseys., Lastly  the game against Maritimo this weekend as the last home game of the season.

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Author: Alfredo Fumacas

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  1. Here’s my thoughts on why the increase in sponsorship dollars is a step in the right direction.

    On a recent podcast, Cristiano put down the value of our new sponsorship deal. I get a massive kick out of the guy on the pod but on this one I feel I need to disagree. While I understand where he is coming from, the new deal does not put us at the level of Real Madrid or give us the ability to break European transfer records, it does give the club something it’s needed in recent years, extra cash to pay our players more.

    While the 5-8million a year puts us no where close to Real, it does come closer to another Madrid side that recently made the European final. Atlético which receives around 12million from their main sponsor starts coming close to some of the revenues we have. With increasing international distribution of BenficaTV, I believe we will continue see a steady increase in spending power.

    Now combine our ability to scout quality talent with the ability to have a few more million to spend on increased salaries (therefore increased buyouts) and these dollars should give us the ability to hold on to key players that extra season longer to make an impact on our performances and ideally go deeper in Europe regularly.

    Regular deep runs in Europe will increase the amount sponsors will be willing to pay us, increased European tournament dollars will all add to help keep key players which will be sold for even more if we go deeper in tournaments. While I don’t believe we will hit the heights of Real, I think we can look at clubs like A.Madrid or Juventus (Jeep deal is roughly 11.7million) as examples of what we can potentially do with just a few more million.

    It won’t happen over night but each season in recent years has been a step forward in the right directions. Sooner or later we’ll get closer to our European goals. In the meantime, these dollars start to put us a step ahead of our domestic competitors Continuing a winning mentality at home will eventually help in Europe.

    As always, great pod guys!!

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