Podcast 186 – Half Way Point

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In this week’s episode…

We look back at both matches against the two Madeira teams, Maritimo and Nacional. Benfica beat Maritimo convincingly at the Luz by the score of 6-0, and then traveled to Madeira to face Nacional, in game that was postponed to be played the next day due to the usual visibility problems created by the always present fog. We discuss the individual performances of Jonas, Almeida, Fejsa and the sudden emergence of Carcela, who is making a strong case for a starting spot on Vitoria’s team.

In the second half of the podcast, we look at Benfica’s first half of the season, and look ahead to this weekend’s game against Estorial, as well as your twitter questions.

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Author: Alfredo Fumacas

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  1. Hi folks!

    I think Rui Vitoria has “conquered” Benfica’s dressing room when he finally told former Benfica’s coach Jorge Jesus «It’s enough already!» after so many not-so-nice words from him in regards to Vitoria.

    The team decided to defend its coach and something happened during the home match against Maritimo. It was all set to be another not so good exhibition but after the first goal everything changed.

    Jimenez changes things in the team’s attack. He brings mobility, fights a lot which allows Jonas (and not only) to have more room to penetrate the oppositive defense and score.

    The away game against Nacional only confirmed something did change, for the better.

    Let’s hope the team continues to improve itself and get closer to the #1 spot.

    You guys have a great show, keep it up!

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    • I completely agree and I’ll even go a little further in saying that the constant whining and smack talking by the sporting organization seems to be starting to backfire as far as Benfica is concerned. It’s forced the team to rally around it’s manager and that’s exactly what Benfica needed to do. The opposite might be starting to happen at Sporting with the comments after their 2-2 tie with Tondela.

      Sporting is looking like a circus and JJ is prone to abrasive relations with everyone around him ( who can forget the Cardozo incident and the Enzo Perez one ) How long will the honeymoon between Bruno de Carvalho last? FCporto is up in the air right now depending on who they get to manage the team. On the other hand Rui Vitoria seems to have finally gotten the boat rowing in the same direction and the boat will definitely start rowing faster and better with the injured players that will be returning so it seems like sunny days ahead for Benfica.

      Looking forward to the next podcast ! Great work as usual …

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      • I second what you said, Robert.

        I’m not going to say Jorge Jesus suddenly became worse after moving to Sporting CP and that he was a very polite and behaved man while he coached Benfica.

        But the thing is: Benfica’s Communication staff most probably addressed the way he handled certain situations and prevented him from going too overboard (you can see how he evolved from season to season on this particular topic). After all, he was representing a big club and institution.

        Now in Sporting — which is also a big club and institution — it seem he is off his leash, so to speak. Because SCP’s president handles stuff in a very “different” manner.

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        • @Mike Completely agree, JJ’s posture depends heavily on how much leash he has been given by the people you have to answer to. Considering what BdC strategy, it’s easy to explain JJ’s behavior and where it’s coming from. They have adopted an aggressive and chip on the shoulder type of behavior,which may very well work when defending the interests of the club, but their approach seem to be firing in every direction. They have theirs coming, all Sportinguistas may very well walk around with a puffed out chest, but time will prove BdC will do more harm to the club than good.

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  2. @Alfredo: have you heard what BdC said about the Sporting – Tondela referee?

    I’m a Benfiquista and I care first and foremost about my club and not about anything else (I’m not an “anti” like a lot of people are first and then a supporter of a club second), but…

    How can a President of a historical club say such a thing during the club’s Extraordinary general meeting?

    I would be ashamed if Benfica’s president spoke like that.

    If it was in the Premier League, BdC would be called and severely penalized.

    If it was in the States, my bet is that he would be forced to quit as President of Sporting.

    This kind of behavior just pushes sponsors and spectators away from a business that is the football business.

    Sporting is using the “Me Against the World” tactic FC Porto used to use — successfully — back in the day, but shooting all over the place instead of complaining and feeling sorry for themselves to motivate their team to fight against the “enemy”.

    Let’s what how it this ends.

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