Podcast #148 2/25/15 – Red Cards and Insults

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In this episode…

We start things off by looking at Benfica’s game at Moreirense, where Benfica struggled for 45 minutes, but was able to turn the tables and win by the scoreline of 3-1. We discuss redcards, penalties that were corners, that were goal kicks.

In the second half of the pod we discuss Benfica’s upcoming game against Estoril, and Jonathan Rodriguez’s B team debut.

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Author: Alfredo Fumacas

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  1. I find the word “Pork Chop” very offensive. It implies that I am a piece of meat. Red Card for Steve. Yellow for Cris.

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  2. The Red Card
    I couldn’t disagree more with Steve regarding the red card to André Simões. The rules states that offensive language or insults towards the referees are punishable with ejection from the match! The ref simply followed the rules as he is expected to. It isn’t a gray area at all, it would be if he chose not to throw out the player thus creating exceptions to the rule. Thick skin or not, insults, threats, or berating the refs has no place in the game. If refs accept insults then what comes next? Physical aggressions?! We may not like the rule but it’s the rule nonetheless and rules were made to be followed in order to protect the refs as well as the integrity of the game itself. Simões later showed us all the reason for his frustration with his ridiculous Instagram post.

    The Penalty, Corner, Goal Kick
    I’m growing frustrated by the media’s clinical dissection of every arguable play involving BENFICA, it seems BENFICA needs to win without any doubt, comfortably, and with style while when the others win with “questionable” plays they are quickly dismissed by the good old excuse of refs are only human after all, I’m rather disappointed with BENFICA fans who do the same since they’re forgetting how many times we’ve bee robbed “descaradamente”.

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