Podcast 147 2/17/15 – Setubal Double Dose

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On this Episode….

We look back at the 2 games against Setubal. One for the League Cup, one for the league.. Different games same result. We look back at some of the less used players, and Pizzi’s adaptation.
Lastly, we look ahead to Moreirense. Benfica will travel up north to play Moreirense in a very tricky game.

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Author: Alfredo Fumacas

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  1. Taça da Liga
    BENFICA has been in the final of the Taça da Liga 6 out of the 8 years, this being the 2nd in a row. Here’s a rundown:

    07/08 Sporting 0-0 SETÚBAL (2-3 pk)
    08/09 Sporting 0-0 BENFICA (2-3 pk)
    09/10 Porto 0-3 BENFICA
    10/11 P. Ferreira 1-2 BENFICA
    11/12 BENFICA 2-1 Gil Vicente
    12/13 BRAGA 1-0 Porto
    13/14 Rio Ave 0-2 BENFICA
    14/15 ? vs BENFICA

    BENFICA’s stats are amazing to say the least in this competition, just take a look at goal average.

    Midfielders as I see them
    André Almeida – a pure 6, stopper, sweeper, destroyer, doesn’t add much as far as creativity or ball skills.
    Ruben Amorim – a box to box (8), good at almost everything but great at nothing, offers incredible versatility and high futebol IQ.
    Samaris – high physical ability and toughness! Improving on offense transition.
    Pizzi – I consider him to be more of a 10 than an 8 due to his ball touch and past as a winger.
    Cristante – so far he’s an enigma as far as where he fits best. Hasn’t shown great toughness, physicality to be a 6, hasn’t shown the lungs to be an 8, or the talent on the ball to be a 10. He’s a static midfielder with good vision and even better long range pass. At 19 he’s s a work in progress.
    Fejsa – clearly a 6

    VS Moreirense
    I would play Almeida at 6 and Pizzi at 8 vs Moreirense because in a small pitch Moreirense will try to crowd the midfield to limit our play building ability. Almeida would free up Pizzi to transport the ball and create opportunities. Almeida would also neutralize Moreirense’s plan. Cristante isn’t cut out for these types of games yet and Amorim needs to be eased in after months on the DL. These are those so called “Barba Rija” games where you need physical toughness rather than finesse.

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