Episode 323 – Rafa to the rescue

Author: Alfredo Fumacas

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I do agree with you guys comment about the time and date for this round games that Benfica should do their job and do not care about the other teams games.

    But, as a viewer it would be way more fun to watch those games in a way that all stakes are in place until the last minute of the last game.

    So, it could be all three games at the same time, or Porto and Chaves games all together and only Benfica game in the end of the day.

    With Chaves game early and if Chaves win their game, Nacional will have no motivation and the fun of watching this game would be a lot less.

    Not only on the sportive side of things but even on the commercial and entertainment side of things this schedule is terrible.

    Love you guys podcast, it is very informative and fun.


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