National Team Podcast # 4

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natltpodpic4We look back at Portugal’s game against the USA. Another disappointing performance, but who’s really to blame? We offer our opinions and are all in consensus as to who the blame should fall on. We also look at failed tactics, faulty game plan among other things. While we tried to keep it upbeat, and positive in last week’s podcast, this week we roll up sleeves and go to work on the Selecaos miserable Word Cup.

In the second segment of the podcast, we turn our attention to Portugal’s group game against Ghana. Once again with calculator in hand, it’s going to take a lot more than simple calculations for Portugal to make it through – We will need a win and lots of goals, something we have been short on the first couple of games.

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Author: Alfredo Fumacas

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  1. First of all outstanding new look to the website!!! Hope you guys don’t mind me placing a rant here.

    In terms of statements that I’ve heard several times “this is one of the worst squads in ages”. Yes this is not the golden generation, however if we look at the options of players, Portugal has higher quality talent to pick from then the likes of a USA and Ghana. It should fall on Bento for our struggles throughout qualifying and during this world cup due to his lack of willingness to try new players (unless forced as highlighted).

    Also not to skip out on FPF, why we only arrived in Brazil a couple of days before the first game vs. other teams that got there way earlier to help adapt to the conditions. Going for cash grab friendlies in the states was a pathetic way of trying to collect a pay chq and pass it by as practice instead of arriving earlier to focus on the world cup. This is why the FPF wants to keep Bento, he’ll just do what they tell him.

    I would have dumped Hugo Almeida for a different 3rd option on striker. I would have called up Gomes for young pairing with William and Joao to have some more options in the mid-field. Just bring new blood, we’re one of the older squads in their tournament and that speaks to Bento’s unwillingness to change.

    Keep up the great work guys and lets hope we have a freak event where we pull a North Korea 7-0 to sneak in but then I’ll wake up to find out Ghana or the US going to the knockouts…


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