Episode 301 – Did You Know?

Author: Alfredo Fumacas

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  1. Guys,
    Rui Vitoria game suck.
    Its too slow and pragmatic.

    Today in A Bola they mentioned that Vieira may consider Jorge jesus to come back.
    I don’t think so. But definitely, Benfica needs a new coach.
    Leandro Jardim could be a good option.

    What’s are your thoughts?


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  2. Hi guys,
    What are your thoughts on Benfica`s logo?
    I know this is not one of the biggest concern at moment, but it’s my thought.

    The eagle looks like a fat drunk yellow chicken. It doesn’t look like an eagle to me and the rest of it needs to be updated. A golden eagle on top of a bicycle fat wheel.
    Definitely, it needs a graphic designer help.

    We need a modern, bold, fancy, aggressive and updated logo.

    Regarding to the soccer team, Benfica plays as Rui Vitoria`s personality. Too polite, too nice and pragmatic. F**** that. On the pitch, Benfica has to play fiercely.


    Obrigado pelo podcast.

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