Benfica, More than Ever

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On March 18, 2020, a state of emergency was declared in Portugal. Given what was happening all over the world, we can hardly say it was a surprise but it was not any less painful. News reports filled with numbers of infected, suspected cases, dead and recovered, But the uncertainty about tomorrow – ours and that of our loved ones -, marked our lives for those days. For a greater good – for individual and collective survival – we have given up a lot that was familiar to us. We shut ourselves up at home, we moved away from family and friends, and told Benfica: “See you in a bit”. The ball started to rhyme with longing to scream a goal at the top of our lungs.

It’s just that being a Benfiquista is never giving up, never forgetting, never dying. And our love for Benfica couldn’t go to sleep. Therefore, Benfica Independente closed itself at home but opened up to the world. During the past two months we have not stopped, in fact, we have worked harder than ever. Among friends who continued to work, others who were laid off, or those who remained without work or school, Benfica Independente devised #benficadequarenta (Benfica from Quarantine) to remind the world that it is always time to talk Benfica. This innovative project joined the already existing Benfica FM, Benfica Podcast, O Brinco do Baptista and Glorious History, in addition to special programs dedicated to the modalidades..

Benfica Independente will always thank its patrons, but we also believe that they understand our decision not to have exclusive content during this unique phase. Benfica’s history is made of union and communion and we felt that there should be no special listeners during this crisis. It is, therefore, with great pleasure and with a feeling of great responsibility that we see that more and more are on this side. In these last two months we have grown and grown to make Benfica: All the work for these two months has a lot of people behind, from independents to guests who so kindly accessed our invitations, but none of this would make sense if there were no Benfica or fans to listen and see. It is for the love of our club that we continue to produce more and better content. Always independent, always for Benfica.

Benfica Independente YouTube channel 1000 more new subscribers

Benfica de Quarentena (Benfica from Quarantine) -60 thousand views -54 guests, including: – Former President (Manuel Vilarinho) – Former football players (such as Vitor Paneira, Carlos Mozer or Valdo, among others) – Former players of modalities (Uefa Cup 2010 winners, Jean Jacques, etc.) – Former coaches (Pedro Nunes)

Benfica FM »11 thousand views »7 episodes, highlighting: – The iconic 3-6 of 1993/94 – Traumatic memories of Benfica’s darkest period (Benfica’s “Vietnam”) – The most recent 8-1 with Vasco Mendonça

Brinco do Baptista »4 thousand views »8 episodes, such as: – Special # opodcastédelas – Post Covid-19 football management – Travel to football (and politics) in Brazil

Benfica Podcast »1K downloads »3 episodes, with one of the highlights being: – Interview with Keaton Parks

Historia Gloriosa(Glorious History) »2 thousand views »1 episode: – Especially created for our YouTube audience

Benfica Modalidades (Benfica’s other sports) »2 thousand views »2 episodes dedicated to the end of this competitive year and next season.

There are a lot people behind all the hard work work in creating this content for our followers, from common fans, to guests who kindly accepted our invitations, but none of this would make sense if there were no Benfica, or fans to listen and watch. It is for the love of our club that we continue to produce more and better content. Always independent, always for Benfica.

Of many, one.

Author: Alfredo Fumacas

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